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of information technology professionals. our guest is alan martin, president of george mason university. >> host: the president of george mason university of virginia is our guest on the communicators. and jill toro is here to participate in the questioning. gm used consistently described as one of the most wired universities and america. practically, what does that mean? >> guest: it has been involved in information technology. this begins by supporting the information technology community, also making sure we have plenty of technology on campus to support our students, faculty and staff. we take information technology very seriously. it probably doesn't hurt that i, as the president, and a computer scientist. we view these technologies for our students and faculty, like the council of old, you have got to have them, it is fascinating when they work, everyone takes them for granted. when something goes wrong everybody notices because everyone has become so dependent on information technology for research, learning, communicating, doing the business at the university. >> host: what kind of inves
all so mysterious what actually happened up here on chalk creek that day. what happened to nancy mason. >> you know, what if it wasn't an accident? >> i would describe her as caring and loving. >> always upbeat and happy. >> she loved to entertain and she loved to be with family. >> reporter: there are three things that everyone who knew her will tell you about nancy mason. she liked parties, was born to take care of others and she loved to read. nancy's parents bill and mariam. >> she always had a book. she read every nancy book they had available. nurse nancy, nancy drew. >> reporter: but it was nurse nancy, not detective nancy, that would inspire her career path. she became a neonatal nurse on the night shift watching over the preemies. so nancy. it was an american life like so many others. she'd married her first boyfriend, a kid she met at church camp, and together they had three sons. wesley is the baby. >> i was the youngest of three boys. i was -- i was kinda spoiled. >> reporter: the family was just nuts for hockey. and spent many a weekend in denver's glorious, mountain backy
professionals. our guest is the president of george mason university. >> jill is with and is here to join in the questioning. gmu is consistently described as one of the most wired universities in america. what does that mean? >> george mason university from its early days has been very much involved in information technology. this begins by supporting the information technology community of northern virginia and beyond and making sure that we have plenty of technology on the campus to support our students, faculty, and staff. we take information technology very seriously. it probably does not hurt that i am also a computer scientist. we view the new technologies as the pencil of old. you have got to have them. when they work, everyone takes them for granted. when anything goes wrong, people notice it because they have become so dependent on information technology for research, communicating, for doing the business of the university. >> what kind of investment does george mason make in the hardware and computers? >> we make sure it the most senior levels that there is a commitment
-line by the veteran. but a penalty flag is down. derrick mason put a wicked move on chris harris. they're not neglect keep the flag on the field. i play will stand. the ravens whispering in the end zone. >> stan: gamble is a great athlete. mason knows before you cut. >> gerry: on 1st down ray rice will carry. he'll get it inside the 20 yard- line. the thing i'm seeing the most with ray rice, much more patient this year. if the hole is not there for him to immediate hit, he's giving it time. >> stan: when you are sure where they are going to be, you don't know where you're going to go. if you patience then you can wait for him. >> gerry: behind the right tackle and he'll push the pile to the 16 yard-line. 3rd down and 4. >> stan: i like what he did there. there wasn't anything there, he lowered his head. hit the pile at one and drove it for two extra yards. right now it's third and 5 rather than third and 7. he knew when to juice it and lower his shoulders. >> gerry: 74 yards so far. flacco will throw on 3rd down. far sideline. incomplete.
. >>> despite our rain and clouds, there were some sunny smiles at the baltimore ravens camp. mason ended his retirement and was back on the training field. he was retired for three weeks, but today he was back in the purple and black giving the ravens the top receiver they need. mason said he really was sincere when he retired and admitted the murder of his friend steve mcnair played a role. the two time pro bowler admits calls visits from teammates and coaches changed his mind. >> when i found out he was here, i was looking forward to seeing him. it looks like he's looking good. >> i think it's great that mason is back. we need him this year. i think it will help the team out. he didn't -- we didn't have much time to prepare for him not coming back. >> much more on his return along with the rest of the day in sports coming up later on sports extra. >>> but coming up next, chief meteorologist norm lewis is going to be giving us the forecast for the work week coming up in a minute. >>> a storm stops the show at an outdoor festival. >>> a shark strikes back, forcing the coast guard to rescue a
derrick mason's comeback. that story coming up. ♪ (announcer) they make little hearts happy... ...and big hearts happy too. because as part of a heart healthy diet,... ...those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. (cheerios spilling) cheerios. how can something so little... you do something so big. his 20-day retirement over. fans welcome derrick mason back with a standing o. linda so is with fans this morning as we have our receiver back. >> reporter: good morning. we're in ravens country at the 7-eleven in carney. this is great news for a monday morning. even better news for the ravens and all their fans. they say this is just the pick-me-up they need. the star receiver announced his retirement three weeks ago but since had a change of heart. he was back on the field sunday for his first practice with the ravens. despite the rain fans were delighted to see him there. the pro bowler said his family was the main reason he decided to retire. that decision came not long after the death of steve mcnair. but after numerous calls and visits from teammates
in sports tonight. baltimore raven derrick mason is back out of retirement. mason announced his retirement july 13th, but it seems he's had second thoughts. the wide receiver called ravens' owners this morning and he expects to hit the field tomorrow morning. sam saunders will have more coming up in sports. >>> a baltimore city police officer is on administrative leave tonight after a police- involved shooting in northwest baltimore. police say an officer was on routine patrol early this morning when the alarm went off at a convenience store. it happened in the 4700 block of garrison boulevard when the officer noticed the store's door had. pried open. >> upon entering the convenience store, a suspect, who was wearing a mask, lunged at police with a knife-like object. police officers fired once striking the suspect in the head. >> that knife-like object turned out to be a long screwdriver. the suspect is reportedly in critical condition tonight. >>> flames break out in the brooklyn neighborhood this afternoon. baltimore city firefighters responded to the 5700 block of stafford road. fir
and taking care of his family. >> he is headed to george mason university where he will study engineering. ith garvin has more on our next story. >> inside the center on george mason's campus, practice in an arena that has seen championship basketball. the players here today are trying to create a better life on and off the court. they are a group of ten teens from iraq. in a partnership with the state department, mason's staff took them lou a one-day camp. >> ready? let's go. >> but with a sport like basketball, some things are universal. >> it is probably the top sport for girls, so there is more interest there. >> we take the experience from the coaches and others and we can use it in our country in iraq to serve our country and to help other girl. >> they come from all regions of iraq. in their culture, traveling is require. in a country that has been tornado by war, this was an opportunity they couldn't pass up. >> i don't think about war or anything. maybe basketball helps us to forget about anything else in this country. >> the girls are learning about fast breaks, layups and how t
main target back. derrick mason ended his retirement and came back to a standing ovation in westminster. linda so, with more on what you think about this. >> reporter: there are plenty of ravens fans out here at the 7-eleven in carney. they say this is great news for a monday morning. derek derrick mason's comeback just the pick me up they need. the star receiver announced retirement three weeks ago but since had a change of heart. he was back on the field sunday for first practice with the ravens and despite the rain fans were delighted to see him. the 35-year-old pro bowler said his family was the main reason he decided to retire. that decision came not long after the unexpected death of former teammate steve mcnair. after numerous calls and visits from teammates and coaches mason changed his mind. fans say they can't wait nor a great season. >> for the last six years i've seen the ravens go up and down. last year with joe flacco coming on i was really excited because i saw how he played. it was all about the ravens. then when they just lost that one little game, we all kind of felt r
with his teammates. it is the return of derrick mason. >> it is like he never missed a beat. is 2.5-week retirement proved to be more than a soul-searching experiment. even in a downpour, mason found joy in reuniting with his team. he enjoyed the attention to detail and working with others. if that were not the case, he could have waited another couple of weeks before returning. he missed a game. he was working out some undisclosed personal family matters. it was disclosed it had nothing to do with a contract polloi. >> when i decide or if i decide to come back, it is because my heart is in it -- with a contract employee -- ploy. i do not want it to be that there was a carrot hanging over my head. no. i am coming back to play football and to try to win a super bowl. that is basically it. >> john harbaugh likely breathing a sigh of relief, even if he will not publicly say so. he needs of veteran players he can get. later in sports, we will hear from the ravens head coach to hear about what it means to have him back on the field. >> your ravens broadcast team. for more on the team, log on
, to the other big story we're following. of late developments coming from ravens' camp. derrick mason has had a change of heart. pete gilbert is here. >> good news for the ravens. derrick mason surprised -- surprised everyone today, showing up unannounced at training camp ready to play football. he sent a letter asking to be reinstated on the roster, took his physical fitness test, and when he passed, mason will practice with this team sunday morning. his return provide stability -- provides a stability. his original decision to retire stunned everybody, two days after steve mcnair was laid to rest. that is the biggest but not the only story from training camp today. much more coming up later in sports. >> just as we said, the national weather service confirmed that a tornado touched down in carroll county yesterday. there are more storms moving through the area right now. we want to go to jim nichols lives. >> the good news is the storms we are seeing right now are not severe and we do not expect them to become so as we go through the evening. you can see these storms to the south of baltimo
on several occasions. marcus mason is proving he's worthy of a roster spot. and the offse took center stage this afternoon in front of a bevy of redskins fans. former georgetown prep star marcus mason showing off his versatility. here he gets some positive yards on the carry. mason lepd the league in rushing in the preseason last year and mason working on the back field. mason, a one-handed grab. interestingly he has been practicing as a fullback for the last three days, something jim zorn wants him to do more of. >> you know, he's pretty much taught me the more he can do the better. that's why i'm trying out for fullback now. i think it's working out. >> reporter: are you comfortable in that spot? >> i'm getting there. i've only done it for three days. i'm getting there. >> all right. we're in canton, ohio for the hall of fame indungs ceremoctio ceremony. smith racked up a record 200 sacks in 19 seasons. smith is a first ballot hall of famer. >> in the beginning i had no desire to play football because my first love was basketball. mygility and speed on the court convinced my coaches and f
meet in swimming history. >>> and we're talking to you to see how you feel about derrick mason's retirement stint and how it will impact the ravens this season. >>> the great weekend is coming, baby. here we go. we'll tell you about her impending nuptials. >> we will? >> yes. >> meteorologist justin berk walking down the aisle with our weather. >> pending nuptials? you make it sound like there's a question mark. >> it's going to happen. >> oh, they'll happen. >> oh, boy. let's take you outside. we got 69 fallston and towson. big storms over the weekend. they erupted yesterday morning. we had hail push through portions of carroll county, severe weather warnings in cecil county, lower eastern shore. we're calm and quiet and it's ranging from the low to mid-70s around the bay, 72 glen burnie. 76 stevensville. splirchtion overnight -- sprinkles overnight. this morning, basically clear skies. we could have a shower this afternoon, otherwise two-degree guarantee of 89. >>> 4:59. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> good morning. traffic is quiet around the belt
months. >> have a storm hits raven stock trading camp today. derrick mason made an unannounced visit today. pete gilbert is it live in the studio to tell us what may be the shortest determine in the nfl. >> two and a half weeks of retirement proved enough for derrick mason. he surprised everyone, showing up for training camp ready to play football once more. he sent a letter to the nfl asking to be reinstated on the raven's roster. he took his physical and is set to practice with the team sunday morning. his original decision to retire stunned everyone. it came just two days after lange his good friend, steve mcnair, to rest. dominics box worth homecoming, how he is sitting in. -- how he is fitting in. that is coming up later. >> of the u.s. house is headed home for the august recess. the senate is not far behind. lawmakers will try to extend the popular cash for clunkers program. democrats and republicans are drawing battle lines for the upcoming fight over health care and how to get the economy moving again. >> if you want to know how tough times are, go to kansas city, kan., where
the team, mason, a touchdown friday night, but an injury, back at practice today. but with one preseason game left to go mason remains if i firmly on the bubble. >> it is always important the last preseason game for a young guy, everybody knows that is the most important game in the preseasonment i'm looking forward to it. >> marcus never played in an nfl football game, but been on three teams. he never played special games, on a real team. he is in position to play, that is a first step. >> one rookie making his mark, mitchell from nevada, second straight week brought in a touchdown pass. while marco may surprise fans and opponents he is not surprising one of his peers. >> i am not -- he is one of those guys, you see most rookies coming in saying the want the fight for a spot. he is trying to fight for a play, not looking just to play football, but he wants to earn a play. >> and the rookies have a chance no jacksonville. but starters, clinton portis ruled out. if he plays at all, it will be just a little, which is fine with the older guys. >> as a vet, i'm ready to get it over with,
on the ravens and mason in sports. , a 16-year-old county boy will spend the rest of his summer in detention for a fire bomb. the judge has ruled the teen is held and must pay the victims. he was reportedly in retaliation for the beating death of a teen. >>> police involve shooting in west baltimore. patrol this morning when an alarm went off at a convenient store. the officer noticed the store's door had been pried open. >> upon entering, the suspect, wearing a mask, lunged at police with a knife lies on. police fired once striking the suspect in the head. >> the on the turned out to be a long screwdriverrer. the suspect is in critical condition tonight. >>> city police have a teen in custody tonight. the suspect 17-year-old skinner of white bridge was caught on downtown security cameras. that's how they were able to track him down. he's charged with first degree murder assault and weapons charges. >>> a busy night in downtown baltimore turns dangerous when a car collides with a rail train. it happened tonight near the orioles game. officials tell eyewitness news the train collided with a p
-and-long in the red zone? >> gerry: those are the three receivers. he's got mason inside the 5. they are going to say he's a half yard shy of the end zone. derrick mason hit the pylon but not before he hit the chalk. >> stan: great read by joe flacco. saw it coming and got the ball out of there and got it right where derrick mason was. >> gerry: chris gamble may have pushed him out. >> stan: the ball hit the pylon, didn't it? >> gerry: first and goal from the one. whistles before the snap. [ announcer ] time out carolina. >> gerry: we'll take a break. scoreless 1st quarter on the ravens gameday network. at some restaurants when you get boneless wings... what are you really paying for? whoa! ha ha! i say "happy," you say "birthday!" happy... birthday! who's hungry? why pay for flair when you can get all the flavor for just $3.99 with wendy's new boneless wings. tender, juicy chicken, hand tossed in our signature buffalo or bbq sauce. it's waaaay better than fast food. it's wendy's. >> gerry: scoreless 1st quarter. ravens knocking at the door at the 1 yard-line. >>
. >>> the ravens don't have to look for someone to replace wide receiver derrick mason after all. after three weeks of contemplating retirement mason has reported to the training camp in westminster carroll county of course. the 13 year veteran says he is focused on helping the team win another super bowl. as for his return, mason says it's about finishing what he started. >>> if i'm not mistaken, ken played the skins, today is the third, it's the 13th, isn't it. >> where is my steve mason section, file 40. roster, ten days we play the skins. >> a week from thursday at the russell street coliseum. >> man, oh man, oh man. >> first practice for the ravens, they had over 11,000 people. >> none of them went away disappointed. that is cool. that is cool. it will be a lot of practice today, because, you know, this derrick mason story is very, very big. >> sure is. >> hang on, we'll do weather and get to you, i know you've got a great group that came over from kent island this morning. imagine that, standing there ten minutes after 6:00. it's all good. hang with us one second. >>> it's a bit humid this mo
to the nfl. and local guy, marcus mason, shined last year. again, so far. but what does the redskins coach think about his new prospect? "news4 at 6:00" continues. >>> a government panel is saying that 90,000 americans could die from the swine flu later this year. a scenario creating new anxiety about when a vaccine could be available. tracie potts has our report. >> reporter: with school back in session the flu is already starting to circulate. carnegie melon in pittsburgh put its campus on alert. 18 students have already reported flu-like symptoms >> seems to me that everyone in my dorm has a cold right now. so i don't know how to tell the difference between who has swine flu and who doesn't. >> reporter: a panel of scientists advising president obama says nearly 2 million americans could end up in the hospital with h1n1 and 300,000 in intensive care. the panel prkts some hospitals could be overwhelmed. >> we do have a plan in place for bed capacity and diversion of patients. but staffing is going to be the biggest problem. >> reporter: since the vaccine will target, among others, school
of the first new g.i. bill since 911. it provides education benefits. they will be at george mason university. we will have live coverage early after the top of the are. the president will meet with the finest, amir of kuwait. secretary of state clinton will leave today on a seven-nation tour of africa. she kicks off the 11-day trip, her longest overseas journey to do. kenya, angola are also on the agenda -- the second is a major supplier of oil and gas. the senate is in session. we will hear from the white house budget office, government accountability of this, officials from the defense when security and energy at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >> david cohen is an executive with comcast. tonight, his take on the new fcc in the future of broadband. that is at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> starting on tuesday, the full senate debates the nomination of sonia sotomayor. watch it live on c-span2 and c- coming this fall, toward the home of the nation's highest court, the supreme court. indeed i have no clue. the date may be some government granted? >> i would say some the nation's. >> public mo
? and a very special welcome back for derrick mason. we'll tell you who performed for him at training camp. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand. they have alzheimer's and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life. and we all have doubt. but when the moment comes... what's going to win? here's to confidence. gillette helps you look, feel, be your best. gillette. the best a man can get. >>> you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 6. >> the list is on its way if you don't already have it. we're talk the school supply list. parents are about to hit the stores for the back-to-school blitz. but are they? retail sales a
and the other two people and we hope they come home as soon as possible. >>> derrick mason, one of the best receivers the ravens have ever had, back on the team. linda so is talking to fans this morning, seeing what you think about his return. hi, linda. >> reporter: we're at the 7-eleven in carney near the ravens roost. fans say this is just the news they needed on a monday morning. they are happy to have derrick mason back. the 35-year-old wide receiver was back on the field sunday for his first practice since announcing retirement three weeks ago. mason, a two-time pro bowler, had said his family was the main reason he decided to retire. the death of former teammate steve mcnair also weighed heavily on his mind but after calls and visits from teammates and coaches mason made the decision to come back for another season. he says he's focused on trying to win a super bowl. >>> it's fantastic. i think baltimore has a good shot this year. they ought to do well. everybody's starting to blend together. and really getting to know each other's strong points and should do well. >> reporter: this
85 returned to the field. pete gilbert is live with more on the return of derek mason. >> as far as retirement dramas go, derek mason after re-evaluating his desire to play football, he discovered he still has business to attend to on the field, and ravens fans say thank you. think he missed football? 13th training camp, laughing like a child playing in the rain. he displayed precision in drills. he didn't sit on the couch while contemplating his future career. he says he is ready to play and wants to reach the super bowl. he said his brief retirement had nothing to do with angling for a new contract. >> when i city to come back, it is because my heart is in it. i don't want to hear anything about contracts because i don't want that to be a carrot hanging over my head. people saying that. no. i didn't get an extension. haven't been talking about an extension. i'm coming back to play football, and i'm coming back to try to win the super bowl. that is basically it. >> derek mason has led the ravens in receiving the last four seasons, including last year when he had 39 more catches
for coming along. i promised you some gre people and here they a. we start with lie mason, of the "wasngton examir," the white house correspondt of that paper. lovely to ha you. brian kelly, the editor of "u.s. news and world report," e of the new multimedia publications both on the web and th a monthly mazine. lovely to ve you back on the broadcast. for the first time, we have john -- juli mason -- john mulligan of the president's journal. -- the "provence journal." and linda kenyon, te us about salem radio. >> we are and national dio network. we have well over 1000 affiliate's across theountry, and my mn duty is to cover the u.s. senate. i also d 10 to join me somewhat olicsome our hou corresndents from time to time, when i served. >> most of the white hou is not very frolicsome these day. we a all a little quiet in washinon because of the death -- espially journalists -- because of the death of senator kennedy. many of us ew him. i think john wrote a very beautiful piecabout him. what does it mean that he is gone? >>e shan't see his likegain, as they say in my hometown of boston. think u
gasparello, of this program. julie mason of "the washington examiner," and the great broadcaster and the columnist, bob franken. you saw him on the cnn for years. you have seen him on msnbc, and you can read him daily on the bid "politics daily." it is lovely to have all three of you on the board. let's begin with linda. the president -- congress is not here. the president is traveling around in effectively selling the health care plan. what do you think is going on? >> i think the president is, not in effectively, trying very hard to sell his health care plan. there is a lot for us to hear. we have seen across the country. mickey personal experience -- appearances is a great idea. except he is going to up to tell the public what he wants. as of yet, he is not told the public what he wants. instead, rumor is flying everywhere. fear is flying everywhere. and loathing of what ever this plan is is flying everywhere. >> julie, is the problem with the president that he never told us what he wanted? >> he did want to avoid the mistakes of the clinton era and let congress becomes stakeh
. president obama will join virginia senator jim webb on the campus of george mason to mark the largest expansion of the bill since world war ii. armando trull is live on the fairfax campus with more. >> reporter: good morning. all of the men and women who have gone in to harm's way after september 11th 2001 are eligible for this new g.i. bill and essentially their bachelors degree will be paid for by uncle sam. it is the greatest expansion of veteran benefits since ' 44 when program and the lawmaker who helped to sponsor the bill, virginia senator jim webb will be here to celebrate the occasion. the post 9/11 gism bill is the largest expansion of veteran benefits since world war ii. it gives men and women who serve in the military or are military vets a chance to get a free undergraduate education at an in-state public college or university. as well as allowances for housing and text books. >> that will provide the cost of education for me. it will take care of that and i can focus on my family and make sure their needs are met. >> reporter: virginia senator jim webb sponsored the bil
's mansion. a first lady takes action. >>> a big welcome for derek mason after his retirement was a false alarm. >>> look outside now and stay tuned the forecast is ahead. >>> the november said it is time to work on zoning for slots. the bid for a slots parlor is near the anne arundel mall. pat warner said the opposition is trying to block it. >> reporter: residents line up outside of headquarters to oppose zoning for slots. >> crime is the number one concern. the mall has brought crime. wean we tried to fight it they came they said they he would protect us. they haven't. >> the council is putting the vote on hold and the governor believe these have waited long enough. >> i think that anne arundel needs to make a decision. right now we have the indecision gumming up the works and keeping that largest number of slots licenses from moving forward. >> i hope however they may feel, they will make a decision if they feel it is appropriate in a shopping mall they need to say it. if it is appropriate at a track or some other place, they need to say that. it will be help follow for them to exerc
' derrick mason retired, and after a lot of thought and phone calls from his teammates, he decided to come out of retirement. but he was a little disappointed with the reception he got. here is what he had to say on sunday. >> it really felt good. i was really looking for the marching band. i got to get with kevin. either that or girl scouts come on down and cheer me on the next, i don't know. >> despite the lack of pomp and circumstance, he is at practice every day, which is a good thing, because today he got his band and his girl scouts. members of troupe 1594 came out to camp today with their recorders and gave mason a great welcome back. >> i was surprised. but it was a good surprise. for me. you know, i asked for a marching band, asked for the girl scouts and the ravens sent the girl scouts. you can't ask anything better. >> derrick mason made a couple of statements that t.o. got a marching band and he didn't. and get the girl scout troupe to come out. so we kind of called him onto it and bring the troupe out and let him know we do support him. >> scouts brought signs. one even said "
showing on several occasions. on the offensive side of the ball, marcus mason is proving he is worthy of a roster spot. and the offense took center stage in front of a bevy of redskins' fans. and mason is showing off his versatility. and then mason working out of the back field. and he makes a nice one-handed grab. and interestingly, mason is practicing as a full back for the last three days, and something jim zorn wants him to do more of. >> he taught me the more you can do the better. that's why i am trying out as full back now. i think it's working out. >> reporter: are you comfortable in that spot? >> i am getting there. i have only done it for three days, but getting there. >>> and then the hall of fame induction ceremony. and then smith goes down as one of the greatest pass rushers to ever live. he racked up a record 200 sacks in 19 seasons. smith, a first ballot frontrunner. >> my agility and speed on the court confinsed my friends and coaches i will be good at football, and then i decided to give it a try. >> we are glad that you did. >>> turning to tennis, and get to the fina
. a spirited scrimmage was the highlight of the afternoon. running back marcus mason had the catch of the day. they go back to work this morning. >>> in canton, ohio, last night, former bill and redskin great bruce smith was inducted into the football hall of fame. bruce smith goes down as one of the greatest pass rushers to ever live. smith racked up a record 200 sacks in 19 seasons. >>> in tennis, three time champ andy roddick advanced to today's legg mason finals by defeating john isner in straight sets last night. >>> that's your sports minute. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >> next up, "reporter's notebook," an inside look at the stories affting your community. we'll be back in 15 minutesat o stories, but for now here's jim eyhanly'.ha >> good morning and welcome to "reporter's notebook." i'm jim hanley. we have a lot to talk about today. let's start in virginia where we've got a gubernatorial race that is heating up. the president appearing for creigh deeds, the democrat. is this going to help or hurt his candidacy, do you think? >> the interesting thing is obama has helped democr
preseason last night, a special game for derrick mason. the ravens' wide receiver tells us why, coming up a little later on. in sports. we'll see you then. >> thank you very much. >>> regular season starts. wjz is your home for ranks football. start -- ravens football. starts for real sunday, september 13th, 1:00 p.m. here on wjz 13. >>> lots of sun as the workweek winds down. a live look outside right now. are there any major changes coming for this weekend? eyewitness news is live with first warning weather coverage. whoa. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. hello? >> beautiful afternoon reality. just a few pop-up clouds drying out. take a look at radar. nothing going on around here. you have to head down to virginia beach. that's where you're going to see shower and thunderstorm activity. and down through the carolinas. a lot of rain going on down there. that should stay there all weekend long. and actually should eventually move offshore. so even down there, by maybe sunday, things will start drying up. for us, looks like a pretty nice weekend. tim willi
. and fans off guard. but mason returned to the ravens, fans were elated. but he note that had he didn't get the homecoming he hoped for. today, he was caught off guard with a show of appreciation. >> reporter: the tune is hot cross buns and it caught derek mason's attention. the girl scouts gave mason a homecoming fit for a king, on his case, a receiver. >> we read an article where he did an interview. >> reporter: that interview took place after he announced his retiemplet on july 13th. after thought, he announced he would continue to play. the veteran receiver said however that he wasn't feeling the love after resigning with the ravens. >> in buffalo, not even a day and he went to the airport and got it bad. i'm like, man, i got it here four years. i can't even get the girl scouts to come out. that bad. >> reporter: if you ask, you shall receive. >> he's a good player and stuff and i thought it was bad when he retired but i was happy when he came back. >> it's a good experience for the girl scouts. >> reporter: as for the former titan, retired raven, re-hired receiver, mason says -- >> th
. >> derrick mason's retirement from football didn't last long. we'll have more on the receiver's welcomed return to training camp. >> and welcome to august in baltimore. the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we'll get to the big story. first a check of the forecast. some severe weather over the weekend. >> yes. there were unconfirmed tornado reports yesterday, lower eastern shore. and water spout spotted on the chesapeake bay. heavy downpours. today things are going to calm down. that's the good side of the story. the bad side is, if you don't like the heat, well, this isn't first half of the week for you. today probably 89 or 90. mostly sunny by this afternoon. this morning a little patchy fog in some locations. a few clouds around. 74 downtown. 71 out at the airport. 75 in ocean city. we're going to surge today with the heating up to 89 in
garage. >> and a training camp surprise -- derrick mason fires up the team for a new season! "11 news sunday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute, inc. >> welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm rob roblin. we get to top stories in just a moment. first, let's look outside with john collins. walk outside, you're going to get wet, right? >> yes, a line of showers and thunderstorms moving through the area going -- area. >> go indoors? >> yes. if you're hit, it's time to go -- if you hear it, it's time to go inside because lightning is going by. the rain now is concentrated in northern anne arundel county, moving into harford county, and eventually cecil county. it is not a large area of showers. it is mostly rain. the thunder and lightning element of it isn't all that large. and it is moving on. there is more rain out to the west in west virginia, in garrett county, and the western portion of allegany county. today we will be dodging rain drops, and we'l
for severe weather later this week in my forecast. >>> mason back in action for the ravens what brought him back to the purple and black. >>> hello. i'm jeff barns. jennifer is off tonight. >>> strong winds and drenching rain hit parts of the region. karen parks gives us a close look at the damage there. >>reporter: the cleanup began. after a storm ripped through the area this morning. >> it sounded like a big gust of wind. >>reporter: richard and niki were inside their home at the time. >> i opened up the front door and um, to look outside and i could see our tree bend way over. >>reporter: debris surrounds their home and their siding torn off. >> the roof shingles were blowing all over it. shook the house. >> it was very scary. >> for a grown man, i was shaking. i was scared to death. >>reporter: downed power lines, damaged roofs and broken branches covered the streets. just around the corner joy stands outside her home filled with worry. >> i'm worried about my pets. my cat and my dog are in there. >>reporter: she was not able to go inside until workers snapped this 40-foot tree in hal
300 miles before having to be plugged in. >> derrick mason could impact the lineup for the preseason opener >> a year ago when the ravens opens the preseason, joe flack who finished up with mop up duty. the element of unpredictability has become a focus. beers tonight they will open up against the redskins. coaches will get a chance to see things they cannot see in practice. which rookies will raise their level of play in a full stadium? and which ones will not. these games may not have the drama of a high-stakes outcome, but they do help the coaching side with players. >> this is an extension of training camp. it is not a practice but a game. it is an opportunity to see the players girl. we are going to run our basic stuff and see how the guys played together. >> the wide receiver derrick mason suffered a dislocated finger in the practice this morning. it should not pose any long-term programs -- problems. guys like marcus smythe and justin will get some more time. do not forget, you can see and hear all of the season opener right here. you can watch it on tv 11 or listen on the rad
-to-man coverage on the linebacker. that's what he does best. it's go b joe trusting other guys besides mason. >> the first time he threw to todd, todd dropped the ball. he went right back to him and proved him. >> every time you have a drop, you know you feel bad. but the confidence in joe flacco, of course cam cameron calling up 86's number and 86 delivering and joe flacco, i promise you he's saying to himself, oh, yes i got the guy todd heap back. he's looking like the probowl performer we are, customed to. >> when we come back, we will check with john harbaugh at the podium. he's 3-0 in the pre-season. ravens 17-13 tonight over the panthers. (announcer on call) ...he throws it across the field. he's got something! 30...4 .he's got it! 40! he's got it! 20...10...he's got it! 5!...endzone! touch down! there are no flags on the field! it's a miracle! (announcer) that's what greatness tastes like. triple hops brewed. great pilsner taste. miller lite. taste greatness. bÑ >> ravens win tonight. joe flacco a rating of person 115. let's go listen to joe. >>ung w
for an erotic, the legg mason classic. -- andy roddick. down the line, gets it back. roddick with the exclamation. he was too tough tonight. it back and forth, passing shot. there it goesro. itddick wins and advances at the leg mason -- roddick wins. >> he said five. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. >>> it was only a matter of time, the hot air is ming. at the storm scan, all the clouds a rain are gone, high pressure moving and. beautiful day tomorrow. lots of sunshine, highs in the middle 80's. saturday, back to 90 degrees, isolated thunderstorms. but e strongest warm front of the season, bringing the hottest error of the summer, mid-90s sund
will follow on friday. >> feels like august. >>> ravens wide receiver derrick mason back to work after unretiring yesterday, and now filling in his own big shoes at training camp. three weeks ago the ravens receiver hung up the cleats, but watch him here. foxworth left frozen in his tracks. mason is back. >> i got the opportunity to reevaluate it and talk to people, and we felt that it was best for me to finish this thing out. i think it sends a good message to my children. to finish what you start. and i'm going to finish this thing out and see where i go from here. >> good message for grown-ups, too. >>> baseball, and a day the orioles will probably always remember to forget. boston opened up a can of head whoopin'. orioles storm back with a vengeance, scoring six in the 3rd. emotions overheated. greg zahn got tired of the umpire's expanding strike zone and was thrown out, and then here's more. >> i'm not going to talk to the newspapers or the tv, i'm not going to give any fancy quotes. i think what you do is you show up at the ballpark and you expect to play, you do the very best yo
and customers. >> reporter: with a little help from uncle sam, jeer and bet cease mason are hoping to trade in their old explorer for something new. >> a good example of what can happen if the government does it right. >> reporter: the $1 billion spent on the cash for clunkers program has significantly boosted private spending. dealerships are back on track. >> we normally stock 150 to 200 cars, and as you can see now, i'm down to maybe 50 cars. >> sales manager paul says they sold two weeks worth of cars in just four days. >> obviously you wish you had more for people coming in for cars, but we do have them incoming, so they just to have wait a bit to get them. >> reporter: economists say adding $2billion for the cash for clunkers program could mean an $18 billion boost to the economy. here's how it works. clunkers, also known as gas guzzlers, are eligible for a rebate from $3500 to $4500. the trade-in vehicle has to get a combined fuel economy rating of 18 miles per gallon or less. >> it's an excellent deal for the customer. >> definitely has more head room. >> reporter: experts believe 7
. he was just spreading the ball around later in the 2nd quarter. the play action to derrick mason. what a great move by mason right there. 6 catches, 71 yards. that would lead to this touchdown from willis mcgahee of all people. all around, a good performance, but an improving ravens offense. >> that's what he does every day in practice. nothing new for any of us. it was good to see us come out on the field and execute the way we did. if we can continue to do that, it will be a lot of fun. >> joe has been able to go through his progression. when the first guy is not open, he goes to the second or third guy. what makes it so good, he does it so fast. he scans the field, and reads the defense, for a young quarterback, that's exceptionally well. >> i think we've done a good job. >> that's the good. now here's the bad. the kicking game remains wide open. steven had a chance to win the job, but just got not take advantage last night. it happened on the ravens first drive of the game. a chip shot. 27-yard field goal. and he misses it wide right. he was not very good in his kickoffs as w
watch in effect until 11:00. we have a couple warnings now just north of the mason-dixon line and over towards philadelphia. you can see the nasty weather there in pennsylvania. this will continue to push south over the next couple of hours and affect areas basically north and east of the district. temperatures are in the mid-90s. feel like the upper 90s. tomorrow will be even worse. we have heat advisories in effect for a good part of the east coast. just how hot will it get tomorrow? just how hot will it feel? of course, we're going to talk about that c uingp in just ain ro aut t patistet mp dlo ca> >>lhee ha tt is prompted ocal governments to set up coolingcote crsen. th astr d has oped up t two awond te epcrrs. fairfax county's cnglioo stations will be open. and people who need a ride can call those centers directly. ♪ >> crews have now located the wreckage of the plane and chopper that went down in the hudson yesterday. investigators must now tackle the question of why those two planes collided in midair. michelle franzen has the latest. >> one day after the horrific midair col
. you will see marcus mason. the leading rusher last year in the pre-season. 317 yards on 66k. after being cut last year by the skins he was on the practice squad of the jets and the ravens but the red skins thought enough of him to give him his third shot whavments. what are his chances? >> they are good. i -- you know i think marcus mason came in last year and did very wellt. was hard to see himo. even last year so that's one of the reasons he is back. he worked so hard, he is earning his right to be here. >> happy to be back here. great teammates and they are all helping me out. giving me confidence to make it. >> i know the place. i'm better on special teams on other teams practice squads, working on special teams. i feel like him better i have a better shot. >> the wizards showcased their new center. a day after heed the contract. he is 6'10'', 245-pounds and is here to help. >> like to see what he is missing on the team and help them if i got to play -- take a shot for ten games i do it. it's just matter of -- you know, for the health of the team and the win. >> world cub
in the legg mason final. all of that is ahead for the geico sports extra. we begin with the redskins holding the first scrimmage of the summer just five days before the presea an opener in baltimore. clinton porter, santana moss, malcolm kelly, just some of those who did noparticipate. jason campbell was under center, and he completed seven of his first eight passes on the opening drive, which led to a field goal. campbell finished 8 of 12 with a red zone touchdown pass and interception. chase daniels scored the only actual scrimmage touchdown as the defense once again had the upper hand overall. fortunately, this are no major injuries to report, but there were plenty of smiles just for the chance to crack somebody. >> i think the guys love it. i really do. i think our guys love to run and know that you could get tackled. there's a different spark. there's a different speed. >> good to hear the players talking. that's the best thing about going live. it's good. i'm ready to get at somebody else right now. >> once again. i thought it was a productive day. everybody looked good. we got some t
obama se traslado a la universidad george mason de fairfax, para celebrar la implementacion de la ley que otorga ayuda financiera a los miembros de las fuerzas armadas que quieren estudiar en las universidades y colegios comunitarios... esta ayuda es un conjunto de beneficios educativos instituido despues de los ataques terroristas del 9- de semptiembre... cubre el costo de estudios superiores hasta un monto que supera la matricula de licenciatura mas alta en instituciones publicas.. la policia del condado de montgomery esta pidiendo la cooperaci0n de la comunidad para dar con el paradero de una adolescente que necesita urgentemente sus medicinas... roberto mccarty, nos trae la informacion.. ... cualquier informacion deber ser comunicada de inmediato al telefono numero 240-773-5400.. janette frecuenta el restaurante macdonald's localizado entre la colesville road y la university boulevard.. en fairfax, la autoridades estan buscando a un latino en conexion con el ataque sexual a una joven de 19- anos en la zona de linconia...ataque tuvo lugar el viernes 31- de julio en las inmediacione
. gó >>> welcome pwafpblgt as you know, the mason tennis classic is underway. and andy hits the court tomorrow. but for the past couple of days, he's having a bit of a problem with boredom. he is live. what was he trying to do to cure that problem? >> he had a good option. going into the white house for a private tour. it is a good city to kill the climb. now, they had a tour out there which most celebrities did. a tour of the east wings and the executive residence. and i was digging the white suits too. very cool. now t is the president's birthday. >> yes. >> this is video of him before the briefing, to get the health reform passed. but they accomplished something else today as well, we're told. >> on their own birthday, they seem to be more of a giving and receiving mood. they surprised all of them, the dean, or should i say, the grand dam of the white house press course. why? because it was also their birthday. they turn 89 today compared to o bomb ma's 48. they pointed out that she had been covering the white house as long as obama has been alive. >> that is truly scary. the quest
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